Top Five Music Production Apps

Your tablet or phone isn’t just useful for sending texts or playing Angry Birds- it can also be a fully fledged composition and production tool for musicians, producers and editors. For those of us who get ideas on the go and don’t always have a laptop to hand, apps can be a great way of getting work done wherever you are.

iMASCHINE ($4.99, iOS 4.3 and up)

Ideal for putting song ideas down on the move, this app features a keyboard, 16 pads and an audio recorder. It’s fully integrated with SoundCloud, so you can upload your creations as soon as you’ve completed them.

LaDiDa ($2.99, iOS 4.0 and up)

LaDiDa is tons of fun for building tracks or just playing around, and it’s cheap enough that anyone can enjoy it, professional or not. There are loads of different studio effects available, from delay and chorus to reverb and autotuning, and you can autotune your own voice on top of different genres of music.

GarageBand ($4.99, iOS 5.0 and up)

GarageBand is probably the most well known music production app available, as it comes built in to every Macbook. The app is intuitive and simple to use, and allows you to modify your sound and choose from a huge range of instruments with just a few touches. There are also plenty of loops and effects on hand to create your perfect track.

FL Studio Mobile HD ($14.99, iOS 3.13 and up)

This app is ideal for producers and musicians who use the FL Studio program at home, allowing you to build and save multi-track projects on your iPad or iPhone and then sync with your computer. This is probably one of the most complete DAW apps available, with more complexity than most of the others out there. There are tons of instruments, filters and a step sequencer, letting you work with complicated tracks wherever you are.

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