The Best Ever Musical Comebacks

There are plenty of iconic figures in music who have experienced a decline in their fortunes. From dwindling record sales to impending old age, even the most famous pop and rock stars sometimes go through a tough time. What really sets a star apart from the rest is in the comeback. Everyone loves a good comeback story, and these stars came back fighting to reach an even greater level of fame and fortune.

Kylie Minogue

After making a huge splash in the eighties and nineties, this Australian pop diva found herself entering the new millennium with a long trail of disappointing singles and no signs of turning things around. Then those hotpants arrived on the scene. Kylie’s huge hits “Spinning Around” and “Can’t Get You Out Of My Head” ended up being stuck in everyone’s heads for at least the next few years, cementing her iconic status in pop and making her the comeback queen of the early noughties.

Justin Timberlake

As the era of N*Sync and their legions of screaming teenage fans had come to a close, everyone assumed that Justin Timberlake would be consigned to the boy band back catalogues. However, some seriously catchy collaborations with Pharrell and a series of hit albums put Justin firmly back in the mainstream, making him one of the best selling artists of the 21st century and a Hollywood actor to boot.

Britney Spears

After a very public breakdown in 2007 that made Britney Spears more relevant in the tabloid magazines than the Top 40 charts, most people were rooting for a Britney comeback. Enter Circus, and album that led to one of the biggest world tours of all time and a Billboard number one hit. Since then, Britney has had a long list of hit singles and a seat on the X Factor judging panel, proving to her many critics that she still has staying power.

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