Robin Thicke Trolled on Twitter

It’s been a tough week for Robin Thicke. The “Blurred Lines” singer was trolled in spectacular style on Twitter this week when a schedule Q&A session with fans backfired.

The hashtag #AskThicke was created for a VH1 Q&A session that went ahead despite the influx of hate sent to Thicke.

Thicke’s controversial hit “Blurred Lines” has stirred up plenty of anger across the world, with many claiming its misogynistic lyrics promote rape culture and violence towards women.

Thicke’s critics seized the opportunity to criticize the singer directly when the hashtag was announced, sending in a flurry of abusive, often humorous messages.

Twitter user @dawneywawney tweeted, “Is your next ‘hit’ just a lyric sheet, with a Rohypnol Sellotaped to it?”

User @LaurenHarsh1 had one of the most popular posts, writing to Thicke, “If one of your songs played in a forest and no one was around to hear it would it still be sexist and gross?”

The Q&A went on as scheduled, and Thicke briefly responded to the attacks. One user commented that the questions he’d received were “brutal” and Thicke replied, “I can handle it, I’m a big boy” before swiftly moving on to less difficult topics.

The Twitter backlash was followed by even more bad news for Thicke, who released his newest and seventh studio album this week, “Paula”, named for his newly separated wife.

Despite the huge amount of airplay that the singer managed to rack up with “Blurred Lines”, his new album has sold just 530 copies in its first week on sale in the UK, under 2% of the sales figures made by his last album.

The album hasn’t done well here in the US either, selling just 24,000 copies in its first album and coming in at number nine in the charts. When you compare this with the 117,000 copies of “Blurred Lines” sold in the US during its first week on sale, these numbers look pretty dismal.

Paula” has done even worse in Australia, where Thicke’s had previously seen massive success. It’s sold a depressing 54 copies in its first week of release, and didn’t even find a place in Australia’s Aria 500 music chart, having been beat out of the 500th place by a compilation of Blondie hits.

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